JVC debuts next-generation DVD/CD jukebox

JVC has unveiled its next-generation jukebox, the fifth-generation MC-8000LU family of DVD/CD archive systems. The new jukebox offers native support for Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI for significant flexibility and increased performance. The product line is designed as a cost-effective solution for document management and program archiving for large and mid-sized broadcast facilities.

The jukeboxes can store up to 5TB of data and their 16-bit SCSI bus supports up to 80Mb/s — eight times faster than the other single-ended jukebox products. Supporting an overall cable length of nearly 40 feet, the MC-8000LU also allows for more flexible installations.

Bob Shinmachi, vice president of technology for Trident, JVC’s technology partner on the project, said the system's enhanced features will provide increased reliability and faster throughput. The jukebox can be physically installed further away from its server without sacrificing data integrity eliminating the need for SCSI repeaters.

For more information visit JVC's Web site.

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