JVC Connected Cams Make Grade for Harvard Sports Streams

JVC Harvard
(Image credit: JVC)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—JVC is going to Harvard, or at least a few of its camcorders are. JVC’s GY-HC500 SPC Connected Cam and GY-HM890 camcorders are part of Harvard University’s athletic department to help produce and stream its sporting events.

Harvard has 42 sports teams, including football, basketball, hockey, swimming, skiing and rowing. The university broadcasts 300 live and recorded events each year, many of which now stream on ESPN+, as well as its own social media channels.

The JVC GY-HC500 SPC and GY-HM890 camcorders are equipped with production-over-IP workflows to provide streaming and advanced graphics for the production of these sporting events.

In addition to the Connected Cams, Harvard is using JVC’s KY-PZ100 Robotic PTZ cameras and RM-LP 100 PTZ controllers, mounted at various fields and arenas. Other JVC cameras on-hand include the GY-HM250, GY-HM790 and GY-HM600.

Imry Halevi, assistant director of Athletics at Harvard, brought JVC to the campus when he arrived eight years ago, citing the look of the cameras and their ease of use for students.

When looking for a camera similar to the GY-HM890 that could also deliver advanced graphics, Halevi said he was directed to the GY-HC500 SPC. The camera has proved useful in many different circumstances, according to Halevi, even in -20-degree weather to capture a recent Harvard skiing competition.

“I expect them [the JVC cameras] to work at normal conditions, but when I throw unexpected conditions at them and they continue to work, we know we have a camera brand for life,” Halevi said.

For more information, visit pro.jvc.com.