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Jefferson County Commissioners Approve Rezoning for DTV tower

Denver newspapers reported that Jefferson County commissioners have approved rezoning that would allow construction of a DTV transmission tower on Lookout Mountain. If this sounds like old news, it is--the commissioners previously approved the tower, but challenges from homeowners living near Lookout Mountain led them to withdraw approval.

As described before in RF Report, Congress passed a law overriding local authority to stop tower construction. Ann Schrader, writing in the Denver Post article Jeffco approves Lookout Mtn. TV Tower quoted commissioner Kevin McCasky: "The best way to manage this is to affirm the previous board's approval and continue to monitor compliance with building codes authorized by the official development plan."

The articles indicated opponents of the tower, including Canyon Area Residents for the Environment and the city of Golden would continue to fight construction of the tower.

For more quotes, see the Denver Post article and Lukewarm approval for TV tower by Deborah Frazier in Rocky Mountain News. For the broadcasters' perspective, see