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JCA TV restores cartoons with Snell & Wilcox Archangel Ph.C

Archangel Ph.C is giving old cartoons a makeover. The system eliminates noise, dirt, scratches, as well as unsteadiness and flicker using motion compensation technology. Pictured: A comparison between how the “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” cartoon looks before and after the Archangel Ph.C is used. (Copyright © 1972-1984 William H. Cosby, Jr. Under license to Entertainment Rights PLC. All rights reserved. "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" and all related titles, logos, character names and likenesses are trademarks.)

Vintage cartoons including “The Archies” and “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” are being restored using Snell & Wilcox’s Archangel Ph.C real-time restoration system. JCA is carrying out the restoration project on Entertainment Rights’ Filmation.

Filmation catalog owner Entertainment Rights, whose portfolio ranges from classics such as “Felix the Cat” to the latest fare in children’s programming, such as “Postman Pat” and “Little Red Tractor,” commissioned JCA TV to provide new DigiBeta masters, ready for international distribution, for the vast Filmation archive.

When reviewing samples of the original film-derived D1 masters, Entertainment Rights saw numerous benefits in cleaning up artifacts of the original transfer process, including improvement in any subsequent encoding efficiency for transmission, and improving the image quality for potential DVD releases.

Archangel Ph.C works in real time to correct artifacts including noise, dirt and scratches. Unsteadiness and flickering can be fixed using Snell & Wilcox’s Ph.C motion compensation technology. Archangel Ph.C cleans up, fixes, and stabilizes video material that has deteriorated or been damaged, either by age or other factors. It processes real-time, and including set-up time, typical material can be processed in two to three times its running length.

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