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JBL Professional launches dedicated LSR Series Web site

JBL Professional has launched a new Web site dedicated to its LSR Series of studio monitors. The new site features video interviews highlighting the projects and philosophies of JBL clients and their use of LSR studio monitors. Subjects include award-winning engineers and producers Frank Filipetti, Nathaniel Kunkel and Paul Sandweiss. The site also provides a support section where clients can download documentation, specifications and the most recent software and firmware for the new LSR4300 Series studio monitors.

Through JBL Pro’s RMC (Room Mode Correction) and LSR (Linear Spatial Reference) technologies, the LSR loudspeaker system helps minimize the influence of the room on accuracy at the mix position. This is particularly important in situations where a producer or mix engineer is working in a temporary or unaccustomed environment. The new site covers these technical bases with white papers and animated tutorials. An archive of product reviews for both the LSR6300 and LSR4300 Series products is also available.

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