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ITV partners with Keystream in overlay advertising trial

UK broadcaster ITV has partnered with California start-up Keystream to introduce an automatically placed overlay advertising platform for online video.

The application, which places graphical images inside video automatically, is being tested by ITV on the user-generated content section of ITV Local, one of its online services.

The system uses object detection and tracking algorithms to find suitable clear space in the video sequences and enables adverts to be placed inside the video automatically.

When a user interacts with the graphical image that appears, it animates, allowing users to link to a specific advertising message. When a user clicks on an ad, the video is automatically paused until the user returns. If no action is taken, then the advertising message simply fades away.

ITV is working closely with Reality Digital, its partner in video provision for the Your News section of the ITV Local site, to make the service available across all content on the service.

Simon Fell, head of ITV’s Future Technology team, said, “We have been looking at various different ways of advertising within video for some time now. Keystream is interesting as it provides a way of targeting users while not detracting from their experience of the content. Keystream is one of many applications we are testing that show great potential.”

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