It’s Game, Set, Match for Fast Forward Video

Fast Forward Video’s Omega HD DVR is playing an important role in this year’s broadcast of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, supplying seamless playout and video replay.

The United States Tennis Association chose mobile production company All Mobile Video (AMV) to provide the integrated HD feed for all global broadcasts, and AMV chose Omega HD. They had positive experiences using the Omega SD in past productions and decided it a natural choice to upgrade to HD when the U.S. Open prospect came up. According to AMV director of engineering Lee Blanco, "FFV has set the industry standard for high-quality and yet cost-effective DVR solutions for broadcasters, and its systems are extremely reliable and easy to use."

Controlled by video production switcher, Omega HD is storing and playing out elements for replay transitions during the tournament. This feeds into the complete production which AMV supplies to broadcasters worldwide.