Irdeto Access introduces tools to track video pirates

Irdeto Access, a content protection developer based in the Netherlands, has patented a new electronic “fingerprinting” technology that allows content owners to trace the source of pirated programming.

The technology enables content owners to identify the initial smart card, set-top box or other device that was originally used to decrypt the program.

The advantages of the new Irdeto Access technology over conventional fingerprinting techniques include the ability of the smart card to control the insertion of the fingerprint, which, the company said, results in a more secure, tamper-proof system.

“The possibility to trace the source of pirated content is an effective complementary tool in our fight against piracy,” said Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto Access. “This is particularly effective for the protection of VOD content as this is stored on devices such as personal video recorders (PVR).”

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