ION Creditor Takeover Rejected

NEW YORK: A federal judge rejected a $250 million offer from a creditor of bankrupt ION Media to takeover the company, reports indicate. Judge James Peck of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York rejected the offer from Cyrus Capital Partners last week. Cyrus claimed ION’s reorganization plan was based on invalid liens against its broadcast licenses, according to Reuters.

During a hearing on the matter last Thursday, the judge said he would approve ION’s reorganization plan, which eliminates more than $2.7 billion in debt and converts its $150 million in debtor-in-possession financing into equity.

ION filed for Chapter 11 in May. It’s expected to emerge shortly after the court issues its written confirmation of the reorganization plan, which had the support of first-lien debt holders.

Cyrus Capital Partners made an offer last Monday to refinance ION’s DIP funding at $250 in return for a 62.6 percent stake in the reorganized company. ION’s board rejected the offer, fearing it would delay the company’s emergence from bankruptcy. Reuters said Cyrus has been in litigation with ION over its reorg plan because it’s based primarily on the value of the FCC spectrum licenses, which cannot be used as collateral for liens.

The judge said the licenses represented “purported capital” and determined that Cyrus didn’t have grounds to oppose the plan. His formal written approval of ION’s reorg is expected within a week or so.

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