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Internet-enabled TVs to enable new ways for broadcasters to serve viewers, says Chernock

If there were ever a topic more appropriate for a newsletter devoted to broadcasters and OTT video than "Connected Television: Relationship to the Broadcaster," it's hard to imagine.

That's precisely the title of a keynote to be presented at 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting later this month in Seoul, South Korea.

As it turns out, the presenter, Richard Chernock, Chief Science Officer for Triveni Digital, was interviewed for the Sound Off section in the most recent edition of HD Technology Update. However, your correspondent didn't get word of Chernock's keynote until after that podcast was filed.

In this week's podcast interview, Chernock explores the key concept behind his upcoming keynote, namely that today's TVs, complete with Internet connection, give broadcasters an avenue to evolve the services and content they deliver to viewers to better serve their interests and needs.