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Internet Sites Spent More on Network TV Ads in 1Q

NEW YORK:Network TV ad spending by Internet-based business increased 15 percent in the first quarter compared to last year, TNS Media Intelligence said. Web sites spent $7.4 million on network TV compared to $6.4 million a year ago, according to the firm.

Across the 14 types of media platforms measured, Web sites spent nearly $53 million, up 1.5 percent from 1Q08. Magazines took more than 28 percent of the total, followed by the Internet itself with 19 percent. Network TV was next with 14 percent, followed by cable, syndie and spot TV with 5.7 percent. Spot TV’s total was nearly $3 million, up around 6 percent from a year ago. was the top spender among Web businesses, dropping $8.3 million on ads; $6.9 million of it on network TV and $244,000 on spot. was next with an ad spend of $6.7 million. Of that, $195,000 went to spot and $98,000 went to network TV. The third-largest stayed out of TV altogether. No. 4,, spent nearly half of its $3.9 million total on syndie. Spot took $912,000; networks got $334,000. The fifth-largest spender,, dropped off of TV, limiting its ad spends on magazines and newspapers. Last year, the site spent $5.9 million across TV. added $1.6 million in TV ads versus no spending in the medium a year ago. -- Deborah D. McAdams