Interactive TV Initiative Works with OTA Broadcast

Typical InAir user interface

LOS ANGELES —Lingospot, a provider of automatic scene-level TV metatags and metacontent, today announced a partnership with SeeSpace Ltd., the company that created the first “Augmented TV” experience.

InAiR, the flagship product of SeeSpace, creates an animated viewer experience using the main TV screen and the space between the screen and the viewer. The InAiR experience is designed to work with any existing TV, including regular 2D, 3D and 4K Ultra HD. The only hardware needed is the small InAiR device. Consumers simply plug this device between their TV and set-top box via HDMI, and can use the InAir Augmented TV experience immediately.

Thanks to the recent partnership, Lingospot’s metacontent technology will be powering this Augmented TV experience for InAiR’s live TV broadcasts. Lingospot uses natural language processing, semantic search, image analysis and machine learning technologies to analyze multiple modalities of a TV station’s broadcast in order to automatically extract metadata. It then enhances TV viewing by providing additional relevant metacontent — such as articles, photos, tweets and celebrity profiles — to second screen and Smart TV applications. Lingospot’s scene-level metacontent examines the company’s network of relationships and integrates it with thousands of content sources from across the web.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first InAiR devices are expected to ship in November 2014, and will give TV viewers a way to make their TV viewing experience more interactive.