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Intel’s Laptop Centrino 2 Battery takes on HD Graphics

Intel released its new high-performance PC battery this week, Centrino 2, which it said is designed to both increase laptop battery life and deliver a more robust performance (including faster wireless connectivity). Among Centrino 2’s attributes, Intel said, is better handling of HD graphics.

This latest chipset platform is Intel’s first big upgrade of Centrino since its last major advancement nearly five years ago. The Centrino 2 was devised in order to run faster processors, which should allow more reliable and efficient multimedia performance (as supposedly use less energy at the same time, for the green-conscious). Centrino 2 chips are manufactured using the 45-nanometer process.

The Centrino 2 platform consists of Core 2 Duo processors running between 2.26 and 3.06 GHz, as well as a graphics chipset capable of handling HD graphics. Intel also plans to intro a quad-core Core 2 chip for Centrino 2 by for video gaming in time for the holiday season next fall.