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In-Stat: Number of 3D Mobile Devices Will Surpass 148 Million in 2015

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.: New research from In-Stat forecasts that the total number of 3D mobile devices will surpass 148 million units in 2015.

“Despite the advances in the technology, adoption of 3D in mobile devices is still likely to be relatively slow due to limitations in content, the potential of eye strain and headaches from viewing 3D content by some, and the additional cost for 3D content and devices,” says In-Stat’s Jim McGregor. “Although 3D has been around for decades, the current technology is new and advanced. And, as with any new technology, adoption will increase as the ecosystem matures, costs come down, and the ability to capture 3D is combined with innovative mobile applications, which is likely to be in the 2013 to 2015 timeframe.”

Findings include:
~ Nearly 30 percent of all handheld game consoles will be 3D by 2015.
~ 3D mobile devices will increase demand for image sensors by 130 percent.
~ In 2012, notebook PCs will be the first 3D enabled mobile device to reach 1 million units.
~ By 2014, 18 percent of all tablets will be 3D.

In-Stat said key companies focused on autostereoscopy mobile technology include Nintendo, Fuji, GoPro, Sony, ViewSonic, LG, Origin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Alienware, HTC and Sharp.