InPhase enters OEM deal with DSM for holographic storage

InPhase Technologies, a provider of holographic data storage technology, has signed an OEM agreement for a new generation of data storage with DSM, a developer of jukebox storage systems for major enterprise customers.

The agreement will make available the first holographic archival systems, using InPhase’s Tapestry 300R holographic drives, for clients in the broadcast and other large-scale data storage markets. The new technology is said to offer a 50-year archival life without having to store the media in special environmental conditions.

InPhase has already delivered the first commercial holographic storage drive, and will provide volume shipments of the Tapestry 300R drive this year.

The Tapestry 300R drive will store 300GB of information — enough for seven hours of HD video — on a single 5in disc at a transfer rate of 160Mb/s. That’s the equivalent storage capacity of 64 DVDs.

Together with DSM’s optical jukebox systems, the manufacturer said it would provide the highest-capacity optical storage solution on the market.

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