Innovision Optics teams with Vinten Radamec on robotic camera control

Innovision Optics and Vinten Radamec have announced interoperability of their robotic camera control systems.

Innovision makes several robotic camera systems, including the Mini Shuttle — a ceiling- or wall-mounted camera tracking system designed for studio or other venue use. Vinten Radamec makes robotic camera control pedestals, heads and virtual tracking systems.

Under the agreement, Vinten Radamec users would be able to integrate Innovision control technology into their productions. A remote operator could move the Innovision Optics' Mini Shuttle under the same control as the Vinten Radamec pedestals. This would allow all camera moves to be choreographed by a single controller.

The Innovision Mini Shuttle transports a lightweight remote-controlled camera head above, through and alongside the action at speeds of up to two meters per second. The system's aluminum dual-rail bendable track can be custom mounted to the studio wall or ceiling, in straight or curved profiles. It works with box-type cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami and Hitachi.