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INHD Expanding Its HD Concert Series

If there's one thing that HD consumers may sometimes overlook, it's simply what they can't see--music and sound effects enhanced by digital audio. One of cable's most widely distributed HD channel-clusters, INHD is giving a new corner office (at least figuratively) to consultant Joel Amsterdam as it works towards acquire new music programming. Amsterdam will be called upon to leverage his relationships with record labels and artists to secure broadcast deals for HD music specials and series to take full advantage both of HD video--and the six separately tracked speakers that 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound allows.

Amsterdam is founder and organizer of the annual Gimme Shelter Benefit for the Homeless that has raised thousands of dollars for shelters, and has featured such acts as Jewel, Scott Weiland and Emmylou Harris. Through a partnership with Samsung, INHD launched a major music initiative several months ago with Center Stage. The series of HD concerts was launched last November with a live Bon Jovi broadcast from Atlantic City, N.J.