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India: RRsat to Distribute Bollywood HD

RRsat Global Communications Network has signed an agreement with ISG Media, a major distributor of Indian movies and other entertainment content in the Middle East, for the first fiber-optic distribution of an all-movie Indian HD channel outside India.

Both firms said their first distribution destination will be Israel, and they're working to secure distribution venues in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. India is widely thought to produce more motion pictures than any other nation in the world (and far more than Hollywood).

Although it was not a Bollywood production, last year's "Slumdog Millionaire," (filmed in India by a mostly British crew), won the Oscar for Best Picture, and brought more attention to films in India, in general.

RRsat provides global content management and distribution services to both the TV and radio broadcasting industries. Its proprietary "RRsat Global Network" is composed of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic transmission capacity, as well as broadband.