Imagine Implements Next-Gen Playout System for ADM

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—Imagine Communications provided its services to Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) by installing a business continuity playout site with full premium channel functionality. This disaster recovery system uses Imagine’s playout, automation and software products and is run on ICT service provider du’s Media Cloud platform. With this new facility, ADM has also revitalized its premises-based playout operations.

The workflow, which was officially launched in October 2016, is distributed across two facilities. Schedules and schedule updates from Imagine Communications’ Broadcast Master traffic system are communicated to both to an ADC automation platform in Abu Dhabi and a Versio playout software in Dubai. Scheduled content not cached in the cloud is called for by Versio.

ADM also has the ability to show live programs at its remote site due to the addition of the SelenioFlex Live. The addition of the encoder for the live feeds allows content to be streamed into the Versio engine, ensuring seamless playout of all content.

In addition, Imagine and du helped supply the remote facilities with graphic capabilities that are compatible with ADM’s traditional facilities through Imagine’s ChannelBrand software. This enables graphic templates to be called and populated by the schedule.

ADM will continue to work with Imagine to upgrade its existing facility to the new virtualized platform.