Image Line Productions relies on GY-HD100U for commercial shoot

Hollywood-based Image Line Productions recently shot a package of three toy commercials for MGA Entertainment using the JVC GY-HD100U.

Image Line, which has produced commercials and corporate presentation, product launches and special event openers for the past eight years, has used the camera for the last six months for all of its shooting needs, including commercials, corporate presentations, interview shoots and B-roll shoots.

With extensive experience shooting commercials on 35mm film, Image Line's shows are richly graphic with intensive multi-layered design. So when MGA Entertainment approached the company about the commercials, Image Line shot extensive tests using the GY-HD100U to secure client approval of footage from the camera as a “film substitute,” according to Ben Jehoshua, who shot the project.

Not only did the GY-HD100U win approval, it produced “footage (that) surpassed last year's 35mm film production's look and feel,” he said.

Jehoshua likes the GY-HD100U because of its extensive menus, which gives him the ability to customize the camera to the needs at hand, and the way it captures skin tones, he said.

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