Ikegami Outfits HD Studio Facility

Manhattan Center Productions and Atlantic Video, a broadcast production services provider, are using Ikegami cameras and monitors to upgrade its studio to HD. The studio will use four HDK-720 HD studio cameras, four HDK-720P portable HD cameras and two HDL-40 CMOS one-piece full digital box-type HD cameras.

The upgrade, scheduled to be completed Aug. 1, will provide ESPN and other series production clients via Ikegami's newest CCU, the CCU-790A, which comes with a multi-format converter and works with all HDK-model 1080i and 720p native cameras. The CCU-790A uses Ikegami's new video processing ASIC and adds features, including wide-band and color DTL, to the DTL component. Signal transmission between the camera head is communicated via fiber optic composite cables.

The Ikegami HDL-40 CMOS is a POV camera featuring three 2.1 million pixel CMOS sensors, weighs less than four pounds and has a fully digital stream through the camera HD-SDI output. The new studio will also have over 100 Ikegami monitors. All cameras will be outfitted with Canon lenses and the studio entrance will have six 42-inch JVC plasma screens.