IDAIR GmbH Selects DRM Fusion Software for In-Flight Movies

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE – In-flight entertainment on IDAIR GmbH flights will now be brought to you be INSIDE Secure’s Digital Rights Management Fusion software. IDAIR GmbH, a joint venture between Panasonic Avionic and Lufthansa Technik, has announced that the DRM Fusion will protect content within its system, enabling it to acquire Hollywood movies and bring them directly and safely to passengers.

The DRM Fusion protects IDAIR GmbH’s In-Flight Entertainment and Communication systems for jets from issues like electronic piracy. The use of the DRM Fusion server and personalization models is deployed in both the Panasonic Avionics and Lufthansa Technik subsystems that make up IDAIR’s IFEC.

INSIDE Secure is a provider of embedded security technology located in Aix En Provence, France.