IBC2004 to focus on trends and changing patterns in content production

The pace of technological developments and their impact of content production are staggering.

High-definition television, the transition from analog to digital production technology, and concerns over how best to produce content across multiple platforms and media are some of the issues content producers should consider.

IBC2004 will focus on content production during the conference on Saturday, Sept. 11.

Highlights of the program include:

  • HD Production – When Does It Really Make Business Sense?chaired by Jonathan Marks of Critical Distance, in The Netherlands. When will it make sense to balance the foreign demand for HD content with the implications of a move to HD by European broadcasters? Where does broadband distribution fit into the scheme of things, or, home recording of HD? This session will sort out the HD production issues.
  • Digital News Production – Sifting Through Confusion in the Multi-Platform World.This session explores how journalists are making good in a multi-platform news world.
  • Shane Robison of Hewlett-Packard will deliver the keynote presentation.
  • Cross-Media Feature Production – From Start to Finishchaired by Dan D’Aversa of RTL Group in Luxembourg. This session will focus on how media producers can plan for cross-media production and whether or not it can be done on a tight budget.

For more information visit www.ibc.org.

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