IBC seminars and workshops explore theory and practice of today’s technology

Broadcasters attending this year’s IBC Conference in Amsterdam will have a chance to walk away from the convention with knowledge to improve their personal skills and further their careers thanks to a free comprehensive program of training seminars and workshops.

Hands-on seminars build on topics discussed in the “Theory Theatre.” Topics to be covered include:

  • Planning and shooting Web-ready video. Gain an understanding of video compression and how it interacts with other media.
  • Streaming-video Web servers. Learn how Web servers and video streaming work. Examine the different streaming servers and how they work with Flash and HTML pages.
  • Planning and shooting for DVD. Find out what to keep in mind before shooting commences for DVD video.
  • Broadcast video editing and compositing techniques. Watch demonstrations of various editing and compositing packages and discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Avid DNA (Digital Nonlinear Accelerators). Focus on the benefits of the Mojo DNA which complements the Avid Xpress Pro software.

IBC’s hands-on training workshops will include:

  • Embedding streaming video into a Web page using Discreet’s Cleaner and Macromedia Dreamweaver’s MX and Flash MX.
  • Using FinalCut Pro and Macromedia Flash MX. Edit a clip with Final Cut Pro, create a button with Flash MX to link to the clip, and configure the video for streaming.
  • Authoring a DVD with Apple DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Go from a folder full of stills and MPEG clips to an interactive DVD in less than an hour. Use Photoshop to build a menu with buttons to navigate to chapters.
  • Using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for animation, 3D and effects. Animate a layered Photoshop file in After Effects. Create a virtual 3D environment with After Effects.
  • Edit broadcast footage with Final Cut Pro 4. Learn how to animate picture in picture by animating keys. Build titles with LiveType and create an audio bed with SoundTrack.
  • Compositing broadcast footage with Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D.
  • Put an Avid DNA Xpress Pro through the paces. Cut a brief program with effects, layers and audio.

For more information visit www.ibc.org.

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