IBC Debates the Future of Broadcasting

One of a series of significant and far-reaching keynotes, which will set the agenda for the whole Conference, sees a grand panel debate on “The Future of Broadcasting” on Thursday 8 September, at 09:30 in the Forum.

Whether that future encompasses Super Hi-Vision (or, indeed, 3D, 4K or some other technology) is a question that will be asked elsewhere, as this keynote focuses on the all-important bottom line and asks how broadcasters will respond to the dilution of ad revenues and the threat posed by new mobile and Internet delivery platforms.

Chaired by noted industry journalist Raymond Snoddy, the keynote underscores IBC’s ability to hold frank and open debate with some of the true movers and shakers in the business. On the panel are William H. Roedy, former chairman and chief executive of MTV Networks International; BBC Worldwide CEO John Smith; and Luke Johnson, founder and chairman, Risk Capital Partners.

All of them are gazing out over a rapidly changing and dynamic landscape. If rival operators begin to invest in original content, does this pressure broadcasters to respond in kind? What forms of partnership with a mobile or Internet operator might benefit both parties? And can connected devices provide an opportunity to refresh the business by allowing broadcast brands to reach audiences lost to online?

IBC2010’s keynote on the future of public service broadcasting started significant debate throughout the industry. As the number of content delivery platforms increases and, more importantly, as the number of viewers utilising them also climbs rapidly, this keynote promises to do exactly the same.

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