IAB Tech Lab Updates In-Stream Ad Format Best Practices

NEW YORK—The IAB Technology Laboratory has announced a revision to its “IAB Digital Video In-Stream Ad Format Guidelines and Best Practices” for public comment. The upgrade will allow digital video in-stream ads to render across HD screens of all sizes. The revised set of digital ad formats and creative submission guidelines further enables cross-screen ad portability.

New guidelines include file submission recommendations that detail “ready-to-serve” files for streaming, progressive download, and adaptive bit rate streaming formats. They also recommend providing the source mezzanine file, which allows a publisher to transcode the file to best suit the environment into which it is served.

The public comment period on the guidelines will run through Oct. 16, after which time the IAB Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines Working Group will evaluate the comments and make necessary revision before releasing a finalized version. Comments are being accepted at https://goo.gl/SASR1r or via email to Luke Luckett at luke@iab.net.

“These guidelines for video ad file submissions will help streamline ad development and placement operations, while meeting the growing demand for high-quality digital video from consumers, and the advertisers that want to reach them,” said Scott Cunningham, senior vice president, technology and ad operations, IAB and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab.

To review the new “Guidelines and Best Practices,” visit www.iab.net/dvadformats