Hotel LCD Sets to Allow Gadget Connectivity

The Marriott Corp. said this week it will begin installing a new technology that will give its patrons the ability to connect various personal devices to HD screens in its hotel rooms.

Current in-room sets are being replaced with 32-inch LCD HD units. Customers will have access to what Marriott calls "digital connectivity panels" that will allow hooking up to laptops, iPods, camcorders, and some PDA devices.

Marriott said most of its high-end hotels also will receive cable and satellite upgrades, and the number of available free channels (SD and HD) will nearly double to more than 60.

The Marriott, JW Marriott, and Renaissance brands will receive the upgraded amenities first. About a quarter of the rooms and suites designated to receive the upgrades will have them by the end of 2007, Marriott said.