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Horn Group Unveils New Jib Boom

The Horn Group, a producer of remote positioning devices, announces its new “advanced design” jib boom—the Model PRO10/LDX—which provides pan and tilt capabilities, without pan/tilt devices.

The Model PRO10/LDX The PRO10/LDX is the result of an extended development program and is the subject of three unique patents pending offering new capabilities to boom videography, the company says.

The new unit eliminates the need for motorized pan/tilt devices, yet provides smooth manual control of both pan and tilt of its camera platform. Operator manipulated control arms smoothly guide the camera while the boom locates the camera platform in elevation and horizontal travel. In addition, the PRO10/LDX provides the ability to maintain both pan and tilt angles as set, while also positioning the boom (while tilt position maintenance is common, the ability to also maintain pan position is a unique and innovative feature).

The PRO10/LDX incorporates fine tune weight balancing—long a problem in boom balancing—for ease of control. An adjustable weight bar trims the incremental weight usually provided with fixed weights creating a perfectly balanced system.

-- Government Video