Holophone launches H2-PRO surround sound microphone

The new Holophone H2-PRO surround microphone is designed for professional applications and capable of recording up to 7.1 channels of discrete surround sound. It is targeted for television, DTV, HDTV, radio, music, project studios/engineers and film location recording. The H2-PRO surround sound microphone improves upon Holophone’s beta system with a new design that maintains the patented head shape, adds eight-channel recording capability (5.1-channels plus a top channel and a center-rear channel), and has an improved connector and handle.

TheHolophone H2-PRO is a stand-alone surround sound microphone designed to capture up to eight channels of discrete surround sound. It features eight XLR microphone connectors, which are compatible with all multichannel I/O devices such as hard disc recorders, preamplifiers, and mixing boards that supply phantom power. Users can plug the Holophone H2-PRO directly into their own equipment and be recording quickly, easily and with superior results. Priced at $6000, the Holophone H2-PRO will begin shipping this month.

For more information, please visit: www.holophone.com.

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