Hiwire joins ranks of Mobile DTV Alliance

Hiwire, a division of Aloha Partners, has joined the Mobile DTV Alliance as a sponsor and board member.

Scott Wills, the company’s president and COO, will serve on the board of directors.

Other members of the alliance, which is devoted to promoting and refining DVB-H standards in North America, include Intel, Microsoft, Modeo, Motorola, Nokia, and Texas Instruments.

The Hiwire network will offer high-resolution, real-time broadcasting of TV programming delivered via its high-speed network so wireless carriers and consumer electronic device makers can offer high-quality entertainment programming to their consumers. Hiwire will deploy a digital broadcast, DVB-H-based network in Las Vegas, using UHF channels 54 and 59 and the DVB-H platform. Following successful completion of the pilot program and continued interest from wireless carriers, the service will be expanded to additional markets.

For more information, visit www.mdtvalliance.com and www.alohapartners.net.