Hipcricket partners with mobile barcode leader Scanbuy

Mobile marketers Hipcricket and Scanbuy have joined forces to promote the use of mobile barcodes via mobile cameras. More than 90 percent of phones now include a camera, which can act as a barcode scanner. With the Scanbuy partnership, Hipcricket’s advertising clients will be able to provide additional information, product photos or other rich media when the barcode is scanned. Hipcricket plans to integrate Scanbuy’s ScanLife platform into its HIP 6.0 platform; both companies promise the integration will provide a consistent experience as well as provide reporting. Hipcricket’s marketing/advertising clients have included HBO, Clear Channel, Staples, Macy’s and KFC, among others. The company, which says it has now completed 75,000 campaigns for brands, agencies and media firms, offers mobile marketing/ads via SMS, mobile websites, branded apps and other platforms.