Hi Tech Systems adds touch-screen interface to AVITA control system

Hi Tech Systems has introduced its AVITA production control system, using the latest touch-screen technology and a modular hardware panel to allow users to access multiple server ports over a network.

AVITA is live production controller that is used to quickly capture, edit and play out media from multiple sources. Pressing the “record” button instantly initiates the creation and recording of a clip. Using more traditional controllers, the clip would typically need to be created and named before recording commenced, thus potentially missing vital seconds from the incoming source.

The intuitive user interface is clear and uncluttered with menus that slide in and out of view as required, and the system is built to allow conversion to languages other than English.

The core of the system is the AVITA engine, which provides sophisticated video clip management tools with shared databases, multiple playlists and enhanced search facilities. It can be supplied as a software-only system, be fully driven by a touch screen and features gesture control of the various system applications.

Alternatively, AVITA is supplied as a system of hardware consoles and mix-and-match control modules so that a panel can be constructed to suit the operational requirements of a particular workflow application.

The hardware panel has a large clear touch screen with gesture control that is used to manage playlists, server setups, clip creation and management, database creation and searching, and is used to configure the hardware modules with an extensive range of functionality and appearance choices.

The system is expandable and has several software extensions such as a MOS interface, multiple server port control from one panel, scheduled play and record, a remote tablet PC interface for studio floor recall of recordings, logging and highlights applications, tape archive ingest and automated play out from single or multiple ports.