HEVC Advance Cuts Two Categories From Patent License

BOSTON—HEVC Advance has eliminated the subscription and title-by-title content distribution categories from its patent license as a way to accelerate HEVC adoption and advance its use in OTA broadcasting, internet streaming, cable TV and satellite distribution, the independent licensing administrator said today.

HEVC Advance specified that it will immediately cease seeking royalty fees for non-physical HEVC content distribution, including internet streaming, cable TV, OTA broadcasting and satellite TV.

“By eliminating non-physical HEVC content distribution from our license, we are transforming to meet the needs of distributors looking to adopt HEVC and bring the incredible bandwidth savings and clarity of 4K UHD to consumers," said HEVC Advance CEO Pete Moller in a press release from organization.

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The licensing administrator also announced discounts for certain lower-priced connected home and other devices as well as other royalty reductions.

To learn more, visit the HEVC Advance website.

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