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Henninger Delivers HD Online with Snell & Wilcox's Ukon

Henninger Media Services is now using the Ukon universal conversion platform from Snell & Wilcox in a virtual telecine environment to maximize the use of video content "by allowing SD footage captured over the course of HD productions to be integrated seamlessly into the final product," according to a recent press release.

Henninger installed the Ukon in a multi-standard finishing suite--along with a da Vinci 2K color correction system--to deliver HD-quality online to clients such as Discovery Channel and History Channel.

Ukon enables the insertion of SD footage into HD for editing and color correction, and to convert media across HD formats for delivery in the appropriate HD format. This capability allows bringing desired footage captured alongside HD recording (i.e., B-roll shot in SD that previously may have been discarded) into the final HD broadcast product while maintaining high video quality.

Ukon can be configured to provide upconversion, downconversion and cross-conversion (SD-to-SD or HD-to-HD) either singly or in any combination. The system handles different frame rates, image sizes and aspect ratios, as well as AES and compressed audio formats.