HDTV ranks No. 1 among British as “must have” technology, says report

Research from display manufacturer Viewsonic has found one-third of British men would be happy to spend $1277 on an HDTV.
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HDTVs are the most wanted technology item among consumers in the U.K. and Europe and are deemed to be significantly more desirable than iPods and digital video cameras, according to new research from display manufacturer ViewSonic.

One-third of British men surveyed say they’d be happy to spend $1277 on an HDTV.

The ViewSonic Appliance Reliance report, which polled more than 5,000 European consumers also revealed:

  • TVs and home computers are far ahead of mobile phones as the most desired technology. When asked what they couldn’t imagine living without, 72 percent of respondents chose home computers and 68 percent picked televisions, while 38 percent selected mobile phones and 32 percent said radio.

  • Overall, 94 percent of the UK population admits to being “tech-addicted” to some extent.

  • In the U.K., those over 55 years of age are most likely to have made the jump to HDTV with 10 percent already owning one. This group also leads the field in terms of awareness. The least knowledgeable age group is 16 to 24 year olds, of which 30 percent are not aware of HDTV compared with 20 percent of the overall population.

  • HDTVs have become significant status symbols, equaling luxury city-breaks as the most covetable purchase and outpacing designer labels, jewelry and even fine art.

To read the findings in their entirety, visit www.viewsoniceurope.com/data/522/ApplianceRelianceUK.pdf.