HDTV Ownership and Reception Gap Persists

NEW YORK: Adoption of both HD displays and programming continues to grow, and the gap between the two continues to persist. The latest Nielsen figures for July, provided by the Television Advertising Bureau indicate 47 percent of U.S. TV households have a screen capable of displaying HD video. More than 39 percent have a HDTV set with an ATSC tuner, and of those, only 37 percent receive at least one signal in hi-def.

Previous TVB coverage of HDTV stats:
July 6, 2009: “HD Displays Continue Outpacing HD Reception“ The latest figures provided by the Television Bureau of Advertising indicate that about 22 percent more households have HD displays than those that receive HD programming. In total, HD display penetration reached 46.3 percent of U.S. TV households, while HD programming reached 35.9 percent.