HDMI Group Reduces License Fee, Expands Into China

HDMI Licensing LLC, the agent responsible for licensing the HD Multimedia Interface (HDMI) spec, recently reduced the annual administration fee for HDMI adopters from $15,000 to $10,000. The group said the fee slash was made possible by HDMI's growing success in the marketplace.

More than 400 makers of consumer electronics and PC products worldwide have adopted HDMI. The group said the fee reduction will apply to HDMI annual payments due after Nov. 1.

In a related development, Silicon Image Inc., a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based supplier of semiconductors for the storage and distribution of HD content, has entered into an agreement with the China Video Industry Association (CVIA) where the Beijing-based group will promote the use of HDMI within China's CE industry.

Silicon Image and CVIA have agreed to jointly promote HDMI adoption among domestic Chinese electronics manufacturers, co-develop new technology applicable to HDMI, and collaborate on establishing testing and interoperability certification labs.

China recently opened its second combined HDMI ATC/Simplay HD Testing Center in Shanghai, and plans to open a third facility in China. The exact location of the third facility has yet to be determined.