HD With Your Ice?

For those who need their HD quick-fix even in those few precious seconds while using the icemaker or grabbing a snack from the fridge, the LSC27990TT from LG may be the perfect pick-me-up, which may come in handy after reviewing the $3,600 price tag.

This is not LG's first foray into refrigerators and TV screen combos, but it's the first with a 15-inch LCD HD monitor, along with weather info on a separate 4-inch LCD display, a DVD player (standard format, for now), and tuners for DTV and FM radio.

Also provided are those other items we might someday rightfully come to expect from our icebox--an electronic recipe bank and calendar, child-lock functions, a room temperature display, and a digital photo album. LG said its LSC27990TT would be available by next spring.