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HD production on the desktop to be explored during NAB2004 Super Session

A few years ago, the concept of HD production on the desktop would have been unthinkable. However, thanks to Moore’s Law and some forward-thinking development of digital tools, it’s becoming a reality.

The demand for HD video content is poised for an explosion over the next few years. From digital television to electronic signage and digital cinema, the need for high-resolution video programs will boom.

At NAB2004, executives from Adobe, Microsoft and Matrox will present The High-Def Desktop Super Session, Monday, April 19, to explore the advancements in processor power and storage that promise to make HD production on personal computers a reality.

Producers from The Orphanage and Edgeworx will contribute to the session by offering real-life insight into workflow and the challenges they face on the desktop.

The session will feature a keynote address from Dave Trescot, senior director of the Adobe Systems Digital Video Group, and presentations from Scott Bryant, owner and creative director of STEAM, and David Ferster, Microsoft general manager of the Windows division.

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