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HD mobile truck companies install Accom's Dveous/HD

Four new mobile units are now equipped with Accom's Abekas Dveous/HD. Three of the country's mobile truck companies, National Mobile Television (NMT), NEP Supershooters and New Century Productions (NCP), chose to install the digital video effects platform to enhance its coverage of ESPN HD games. The HD schedule includes the Super Bowl, the National Basketball Association (NBA) finals, Sunday Night Baseball, the Stanley Cup and the 2003-2004 season of ABC's Monday Night Football.

With 46 mobile trucks in the USA and Europe, NMT already has three trucks equipped for HD. However, NMT's new HD 4 is the first mobile truck to be multi-format ready throughout. NMT has more than two-dozen Abekas Dveous systems installed in their SD trucks.

Dveous/HD is operationally identical to the industry-standard SD Dveous, making the move to HD completely transparent to the user. Because the channels are not chained together, users can cut channels loose whenever they need to for clocks or other fixed effects. Configuration options for the Dveous/HD are dual twin HD (four video or two video plus key channels) or single twin HD (two video or one video plus key channel).

The Dveous/HD features frame-based processing, hard drive storage for effects and textures and five-channel color correction. It has a two-channel wide range defocus and can defocus on each channel and each component individually. It includes four-channel 3D lighting with bump-mapped texture and four-channel Z depth combiner or priority based layering.

ESPN's HD channel debuted March 30.

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