HD Makeup: Where Only Skin Deep is a Good Thing

The technology of television had finally caught up with the art of makeup, according to Dan Read Cosmetics, a firm that caters to TV and film actors, among others who may be camera-shy when it comes to HD’s unforgiving detail.

Helping the talent stay looking good, DRC said its Silver Screen Series is being used by some Hollywood actors (of both genders and in various age groups), especially since nearly all primetime television on the major networks is now aired in 1080i or 720p. And to satisfy the “green” environmental needs of publicity-sensitive actors, Dan Read says the only animal his HD-centric makeup is tested on is himself.

The makeup is designed to be as humidity-proof as possible (without the use of powder and other dusting) and friendly to actors and others who suffer from rosacea, an inflammatory rash-like disorder of the skin. DRC says its HD makeup can be applied to all skin shades and colors.