Harrison Outfits WHAS, WNDU With Digital Audio Consoles

Harrison has been busy supplying its TVD digital audio broadcast consoles to customers in need of an upgrade, outfitting WHAS in Louisville, Ky., and WNDU in South Bend, Ind.

WHAS is completely upgrading its control room to replace old electronics with modern technology, and is using a TVD-SL. WNDU, located on-campus at the University of Notre Dame, recently moved into its newly remodeled control room with the largest TVD model, the 9624, which uses 96 input channels and 24 mic presets, each with three inputs.

The TVD is equipped with a unique Harrison feature, the Producer's Bus. The bus allows the mixer to hear the talent even when not on the air on the PFL bus. That bus is then routed to the station intercom system, allowing remote sources to talk to the producer with a single line through the console, even while the console is on-air.

It can be manipulated with a touchscreen from four locations and offers the option of built-in TFT video displays. Timecode automation controls have been removed to reduce clutter, and system operators can enable/disable the console's processing elements. Motorized, touch-sensitive faders and snap-shot recall of every console parameter also simplify operations. Up to 21 high-resolution 6.4-inch LCD monitors can be mounted in the meterbridge.