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Harris Introducing New Analog TV Transmitter at NAB

Harris Corp. is showing a new solid-state UHF analog transmitter at NAB2004. The Atlas Analogue uses liquid-cooled LDMOS FET power amplifier modules to provide up to 10 kW output power from a single cabinet. Multiple cabinets can be combined for powers up to 30 kW. The Harris DTV-660 analog/digital exciter and the broadband amplifier modules make it frequency agile, although output RF filters would need to be retuned or replaced.

While not specifically stated in the datasheet for the Atlas Analogue series, it seems the transmitter should be easy to convert to DTV operation. This flexibility may be of interest to UHF broadcasters that are looking for a UHF backup transmitter or a lower power main transmitter. It may also be of interest to LPTV stations, which are allowed effective radiated powers up to 150 kW, but may have to make channel changes as the DTV transition progresses.

Harris is also showing a high power depressed collector IOT based UHF DTV transmitter, the PowerCD, at NAB. For more information on these and other Harris products at NAB, visit their NAB 2004 web site.