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Harris introduces IP connectivity module for NetVX

At BroadcastAsia2004 in Singapore last week, Harris demonstrated its gigabit Ethernet module, a new plug-in module for the company’s NetVX networking system. This new module supports video over IP for rich media content distributors.

Harris' NetVX gigabit module is part of the NetVX networking system.

The NetVX gigabit module is part of the NetVX networking system, an integrated, high-speed network connectivity solution. It has the ability to establish links with all packet-based (ATM, IP, and microwave) services and receive satellite signals.

The hot-swappable, plug-in module provides high-speed Ethernet/IP connectivity. It allows operators to distribute large numbers of MPEG streams over ubiquitous Ethernet/IP.

The new module brings technology used by the telecommunications industry to broadcasters transitioning to digital. It supports up to 64 bi-directional MPEG streams over IP flows that may be used for delivering content to specific sites or multiple, multicast streams delivered to many sites. It also features forward error correction, which automatically corrects for packet loss often found in networks.

Harris gigabit Ethernet module is now shipping.

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