Harris: Automation Solutions For The Future

Harris Automation Solutions invented modern TV broadcast automation and has been its leading innovator, developing such industry standards as the Video Disk Control Protocol, the Video Archive Control Protocol, and frame-accurate control. We are continuing our legacy of innovation with new tools that extend the benefits of automation far beyond traditional device control, so broadcasters can make the most of their media and do more.

Harris recently enhanced its Device Control core. A frame-accurate system, it can be cost effectively sized to control a single channel or dozens of channels. With an extensive library of device drivers (which is constantly being updated), the system can control all of the most widely used broadcast equipment. With a seamless traffic interface, drag-and-drop on-air editing, and an array of redundancy options, it's easy to integrate and use÷and virtually impervious to on-air failure. Harris is also delivering the future of device control through its Network Device Control Protocol (NDCP). It allows the automation system to control devices in realtime across IP networks, including the Internet. With industry acceptance of NDCP, Harris Automation Solutions is moving device control away from specialized, serial connections and point-to-point control to a true, networked broadcast environment.

For broadcasters considering flexible, centralized or distributed operations, our Wide Area Automation tools sold under the brand name GEO:
*Push and pull commercial and program media and metadata between stations across a WAN automatically.
*Control broadcast devices at a remote location from a ãmasterä automation system.
*Let a "spoke"operation control its own playlist during local segments such as newscasts.

The Harris Aviso newsroom connectivity solution allows MOS-compliant newsroom computer system users to make changes to the rundown and get status updates in realtime from the automation system for increased efficiency and speed. Our Production Client combines the control of many MOS devices into a single user interface and enables a technical director to manage complex on-air productions. With Avisoâs capabilities, news editors can also browse, edit, and generate effects from their desktops, accessing CGs or stills from the newsroom, then adding them to the playlist.

Harris also offers proven media asset management capabilities with its Invenio product, which includes media ingest and plug-in tools to automatically index incoming video or feeds by metadata including scene and speech recognition.

Sophisticated search tools facilitate finding specific clips in large enterprise-wide libraries. And Harrisâs Global Media Transfer allows broadcasters to get content where it's needed, when itâs needed, as efficiently as possible.

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