Harmonic integrates Softel screen text

The Harmonic Omneon Media Application Server now supports captioning and subtitling through integration of the Swift vTX ancillary data encoding/transcoding system from UK broadcast workflow vendor Softel. This enables workflow involving captioning and subtitling to be initiated and controlled through the Media Application Server under a common interface. Ancillary data in existing media assets can then be extracted and used as metadata within the server, streamlining the search and location of assets. Furthermore, subclips can be created automatically using captions as start/end markers. The integrated solution reduces process management and operational costs and provides enhanced workflow security by allowing only authorized users to make changes to vital media assets.

The Omneon Media Application Server provides the foundation for development and deployment of media-centric applications. By combining a single, virtualized view of content across managed systems and fundamental media processing services, Media Application Server enables accelerated application development and minimizes the complexity of media management.