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Harmonic Adds Linear Ad Splicing to ProStream 9100

SAN JOSE, CALIF. —Harmonic has added linear ad splicing capabilities for its ProStream 9100 real-time stream processor. The new functionality enables service providers and broadcasters to frame-accurately insert targeted local and regional advertisements into broadcast programming delivered via MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD transport streams.

“Utilizing the high-density ProStream 9100 stream processor, local broadcasters and service providers now have the opportunity to boost their revenue streams by allowing advertisers to reach differentiated viewers with targeted ads,” said Krishnan Padmanabhan, senior vice president, video products at Harmonic. “ProStream 9100 supports a variety of complex digital processing applications, including scrambling, multiplexing, transcoding, and now linear ad splicing, from a single rack unit, making it an incredibly versatile solution for advanced broadcast applications.”

Harmonic’s ProStream 9100 is intended for local broadcast, digital turnaround and cable delivery applications. Leveraging ProStream’s multicore processing technology, the linear ad splicing capability conforms to the SCTE 35 protocol and ensures seamless insertion of up to 2 Gb of combined advertising and network content. The splicing feature also eliminates the need to decode a transport stream for insertion into regional advertising, simplifying workflows while maintaining video quality.

ProStream supports 2 Gb of data throughput and up to 500 simultaneous multiplexing/scrambling services. ProStream 9100 with ACE transcoding technology can support 20 HD or 60 SD broadcast transcoding services, 20 HD/SD multiscreen inputs with 80 multiscreen output profiles and integrated any-to-any audio transcoding with audio leveling capabilities in a single rack unit. Leveraging ACE transcoding technology, the high-density solution provides video quality lowers power consumption and increases platform serviceability.