Harmonic Adds Audio Transcoding and Level Control to ProStream 1000

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Harmonic enhanced its ProStream line of stream processing solutions by integrating audio transcoding and automated audio level control technology into its ProStream 1000 stream processor with ACE real-time transcoding. The new audio processing capabilities include transcoding and downmix support for all common audio codecs as well as Level Magic automated audio level and loudness controls, developed Jünger Audio

Level Magic eliminates audio level variations within a channel during commercial breaks or when switching from one channel to another, creating a more pleasant viewing experience and helping the operator comply with the CALM Act, the U.S. congressional mandate to normalize the volume of commercials. Level Magic also eliminates the need to process audio channels at the baseband level.

The newly added audio transcoding capability expands the utility of ProStream 1000 with ACE by enabling ”any to any” codec transcoding. In addition to advantages such as downmixing to support legacy set-top boxes during transitions to HD, the integrated transcoding enables roll out of bandwidth-efficient codecs such as HE-AAC and Dolby Digital Plus.