Hard times won’t dampen HDTV holiday demand

Eighteen percent of respondents say they plan to purchase an HDTV for the holidays, according to a new survey from ABI Research

Despite mounds of bad economic news, not all consumers intend to cut back on spending this holiday season, and some are considering spending even more than they did last year, according a new survey from ABI Research.

While those who make and sell consumer electronics are correct in thinking that trouble is on the horizon, certain segments, including digital televisions and video games, will do better than others, according to Michael Wolf, research director at ABI Research.

Although ABI Research’s new survey found that 47 percent of respondents plan to decrease spending during the 2008 end-of-year holidays, 40 percent expect to spend about the same as usual, and 13 percent, most of whom are younger, actually anticipate a spending increase.

The survey revealed that 18 percent of respondents plan to buy an HDTV this holiday season. Regardless of being a relatively big ticket item, two factors appear to be propelling the purchase plans: the impending February 2009 DTV transition and plunging prices, Wolf said.

The HD holiday cheer seems largely confined to HDTV sets, however. According to ABI Research’s findings, only 8 percent of respondents plan to buy a Blu-ray Disc player, even though players are available for less than $200.

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