Growth Forecast for Ultra Slim LCD TVs

Recent findings from DisplaySearch indicate that Ultra Slim TV designs (defined as having a depth less than 40 mm) will be one of the most important factors in the continued growth of LCD and plasma TVs. The display market research and consulting organization believes that worldwide demand for the Ultra Slim LCD TV segment will reach 14 million units in 2012, an impressive 219% compound annual growth rate for 2008–2012.

A review of DisplaySearch's shipment forecast by region shows that the bulk of demand for Ultra Slim TVs will continue to come from North America and Western Europe, with Japan and China also important markets.

"With expected negative growth of Flat Panel TV revenues in 2009 for the first time, Ultra Slim TVs present a much needed opportunity for differentiation and continued value proposition in Flat Panel TVs," noted Hisakazu Torii, DisplaySearch Vice President of TV Market Research. "While LED backlights offer great promise, commercialization is still premature, providing significant opportunities for Ultra Slim LCD TVs."

DisplaySearch forecasts that worldwide penetration of Ultra Slim TVs will reach 10% in 2012, while developed regions such as North America, Japan and Western Europe will have the highest Ultra Slim TV market penetration at 18% for the same period.

"Despite the excellent outlook, wireless links, and designs for panels, chassis and remote controls, technologies still need to improve for Ultra Slim TVs. Significant investment for these technologies will also be critical to our achieve the forecasted growth," noted Paul Gray, DisplaySearch Director of European TV Market Research. "Consumers will not accept Ultra Slim sets if their viewing experience or ease-of-use is compromised."